Praying and working together city by city to protect life, liberty and America's Biblical foundation

MAY 2019 Prayer Guide

Devotional focus for May, 2019:  That leaders would heed their conscience, confess their sins, and repent.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Cleanse your hands, you sinners… purify your hearts. – Js. 4:8

Do you feel that we are in a spiritual war where life, marriage, and America’s Christian foundation (the source of our liberty) is under attack?  

Prayer is the “tip of the arrow” in the spiritual and cultural war (James 5:16).  Please join us as we pray for our nation and leaders and world for such a troubled time as this (I Tim. 2: 1-4,  II Chron. 7:13-14).  And please encourage like-minded friends to join us in reclaiming our nation’s Biblical foundation, beginning with prayer. 

We will Email you free updated monthly Prayer Guides, as well as provide opportunities to join or form a monthly prayer group in your area, plus opportunities to join us for National Tele-Prayer the third Saturday morning of every month.  We also provide a series of one-page free “primers” to equip believers to defend the Biblical and Constitutional foundation of America, as well as select short educational video clips, and free National Teletraining opportunities where we learn from nationally-known leaders on topics of vital importance to you, your family, your church, and your business. 

What’s in it for you?  

The Founders told us that in order to maintain liberty in America, the citizenry must generally be prayerful, virtuous, informed, and active standing for Jesus and His principles in every arena (at the ballot box, in the marketplace, and in the halls of education, in media and entertainment, and beyond).  IF we’re willing to invest a few hours a month in prayer, study, and work now, urgently, toward the preservation of America’s Biblical foundation, THEN we can preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren.


Prayer, in particular intercessory prayer, is central to my life, ministry and teaching.  I value the stellar focus Mark and Public Awareness Ministries place on this vital expression.  My hope would be that you would be inspired to, “…make supplications, prayers and intercessions and thanksgivings for all… who are in authority...” (I Timothy 2:1-2).  You will as you engage my friend Mark Matta and Public Awareness Ministries!

Dr. Jack Hayford, President
The Foursquare Church International 

It is without reservation that I endorse Public Awareness Ministries…  When it comes to “building a standing army that’s prayed-up and trained-up to protect life, marriage, and America’s Biblical foundation,” Public Awareness Ministries and Mark Matta are stellar. 

Brad Dacus, President, Pacific Justice Foundation

There are thousands of prayer groups and prayer networks across the land.  Many of them function well; many of them are mountain-moving.  But what if they all networked together? That is precisely what is happening through Public Awareness Ministries.  Prayer networks across the state of California are at this moment uniting and synergizing for the sole purpose of seeing God bring revival to our land, and sanity to our culture. I urge you to visit and see what is being done.  But don’t just visit; join in! 

Chris Clark, Pastor, East Clairemont Baptist Church, San Diego
Pastors’ Rapid Response Team and Prop 8 Leadership Team

Public Awareness Ministries is seeking to touch our nation from the bottom up, city-by-city, beginning with local prayer together and a firm understanding of basic Biblical principles related to good government.  Praying for those in authority and voting to select God-honoring leaders become transformed from “political” pursuits to acts of Biblical obedience essential to the protection of America’s Biblical foundation, life, marriage, and the liberty we enjoy to openly share the Gospel.  I highly recommend Public Awareness Ministries...

Joe Walsh, National Day of Prayer, National Area Leader – Western Region

The long-term protection of life, marriage, and Godly leadership needs our prayer and support as, through non-partisan ways, Public Awareness Ministries and its director work in the public arena.  Thank you for supporting Public Awareness Ministries, even as I do. 

Jim Braddy, Superintendent – Assemblies of God, Northern California / Nevada

If our nation’s churches and ministries worked with Public Awareness Ministries to put our faith to action at the local level, our nation would once again be one that fears the Lord, and be one that God could bless.

Janet Folger-Porter, President of Faith-2-Action, Author, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

I commend Mark and his ministry to pastors, churches, prayer groups and individuals who desire a positive, informed and prayerful approach to shining a light in the enveloping darkness of our culture.

Dr. Daniel Henderson, President, Strategic Renewal Ministries